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malignant   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 12-Jun-2000
deep rich ambient that balances out medieval atmospheres with modern abrasive sweeps and sudden breaks. first track has it all - an amazing epic atmosphere with chimes, deep bass, pure strings and gorgeous melody with slow percussion based on controlled feedback and mechanized sweeps and bleeps.

not concerning itself with structure or melodies, this swedish project emphasizes pure atmospheric elements with slow monumental transitions, deep dark movements accentuated by soft strings and vocal samples. definite mechanized touch is present on every track adding dark abrasive edge to the music.

elegant tracing paper inlays and excellent design contribute to the overall atmosphere of the disc. I wish I there was more structured ambience with its unique atmosphere and some more density that was present on few tracks. overall, this is a very impressive and very well-done album with a interesting atmosphere that should find quite a few fans.

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