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ant-zen   2000
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 11-Jun-2000
somehow the music on this cd does not really match the uber-minimalism surrounding this cd. beginning with the disk layout devoid of any information whatsoever except for the band name, continuing with the website that is almost as informative as the cd.

but going back to the music, I have to say that this cd could not create a solid music impression; the easy way out would be describing it as heavy rhythmic dark ambient. slow monotonous pulses together with sweeping drones and machinery noises pass for "quality" dark technoid ambient, but fail to create any particular atmosphere that captures your attention. on the other hand, most of the tracks feature really impressive cascading and exploding percussion with a vast number of peculiar interesting noises, often twisted and nicely distorted; but again it unfortunately doesn't lead anywhere, remaining one of few cool parts within the track.

somehow the effect this cd has on me reminds me of japanese "junk noise", where I find myself fascinated by unexpected sound changes and progressions, captured by mutated, cut-up and twisted noise. and indeed, this album features several tracks that could fall under the definition of structured, rhythmic japanoise - quite an interesting hybrid for those that could appreciate this sonic twist.

overall, it is a very promising project that with some more structure and composition could move from pure sound manipulation and exploration to a solid cohesive release (at least this is the direction I personally would like to see). with the wide range of sound demonstrated (and especially quality of percussion), I am sure monokrom will get the recognition it deserves.

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