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goran besov
megahertz   1999
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 3-May-2000
Mastered by Klangstabil with layout by s.alt, this dark ambient/noise technician introduces a barrage of various cinematic and power-driven tracks on two LPs. We are presented with the thematic and forceful pulses, dirges and meltdowns of "chemical imbalance." "Surface" turns into multiplexity of stabbing and reverbed phases, acidic drips and loops. A radiant mix of P.A.L.'s "Dream & Bliss" is approached with more building and intensified percussives and two-step chord progressions.

On "Nylon Evasion" we are endorsed with a horn element and more attractive and driving beats that phase with resonance sounds. The darkest track, "prevent accidents" throws in an eerie organ element to the machine work of the ever-building percussive structures. "Increase Production" gets into even more cinematic orchestrated synth lines that build to a climatic region not yet heard on the album; very nice to say the least.

"Prefex" & "Silent Perversion" on side c build more dark driving beats structures with unnerving dark ambient elements. "Media Termination" shows a slightly more reverbed and fully infected sound of shifting paradoxes and bleeding melodies. Side d deals with more harsh elements, much like some of Black Lung's material on the first two tracks.

"Dark Sun" brings on the hauntingly lovely vocals of Melina Besov embedded between the subtle percussives and fractured drips and waves. Feeling much like the sound of Hybryds. Overall, a wide range of versatile compositions that prove not to be as boring as most can be in this genre of music. I seek to hear even more though.

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