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pendragon   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 3-May-2000
halo_gen is a project of don gordon of numb's fame. always being a fan of excellent numb programming, I expected something in the similar vein from halo_gen. for that reason at first I was quite disappointed by the album that lacked strong "in your face" sound that numb always possessed.

after about a week of casual listening I finally got a chance to use the headphones and from that point on my opinion has changed completely. I guess opening drum'n'bass "nvir" with it's dark and elegant sound has fooled me into believing that the rest of the album should be similar to the title track.

instead you are presented with tracks where lots of graceful clean synths, soft keys and minimal percussion create delicate, transparent, pure electronic passages, balancing between warm atmospheric electronica and darker idm sound.

small distorted pulses, cold minimal keys; eclectic, pure and ever changing atmosphere of my favorite "meme (dominant)" is replaced by hypnotic "halo" where technoid progressions are mixed with gorgeous epic synths. polished sound of "sutra" is combined of wonderful piano parts, pure synths and precise subtle percussion. "tesseract" continues to unfold the mystery adding some distortion to the soft music flow.

possibly recent success of more "acceptable" drum'n'bass-oriented projects (dryft, somatic responses) "spoiled" my taste; I have expected more aggressive approach, and that's why it took me so long to get to appreciate this release. yet another reason might be its intentional minimalism and structure of the tracks where tempo changes and transitions are quite unusual for those familiar with popular electro sound.

this is hypnotizing and enchanting, mysterious and pure, atmospheric and intriguing, unique and yet familiar album that will reveal its beauty to careful listener. its versatility might scare you off at first, but if you stay, you will inevitably disappear in landscapes created by halo_gen.

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