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virtual impact
daft   1999
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hybryds/p·a·l-yasnaïa split review

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 22-Apr-2000
if one really thinks about it - taken out of the song's context, all the music elements used by hybryds are rather simple, if not to say crude. chants by yasnaya, heavy noisy drones and distorted percussion pulses are minimal and raw to say the least.

somehow, when all those elements are mixed together on one track, the resulting atmosphere immediately immerses you into its bizarre world where tribal chants are mixed with dark noisy electronics, and ritual edge is contrasted by technoid sounds. yasnaya's voice is something that definitely adds a peculiar twist to the music - her high pitched chants fit perfectly with the darker tribal passages and heavy background drones.

for several weeks I would find myself listening to this cd again and again, trying to explain its strange appeal. even in its live form, this hybryds release is one of their strongest works up to date; an incredibly addictive and dense mixture where heavy atmospheric patterns are replaced with distorted repetitive rhythm'n'noise or minimal tribal percussion; yasnaya's vocals taking it all to the surreal and unique world.

i wonder if lack of publicity, or presence of way too many below-average bands in this genre, or the fact that hybryds started writing this music way ahead of anyone else, or all those together are the reasons why this band is severely underrated and does not receive the recognition it deserves. after all, its influence on many modern bands cannot be overestimated.

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