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maschinenwelt   1998

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 18-Aug-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
apart from its cheesy name, the lineup on this compilation is quite impressive. although ravenous and funker vogt were a disappointment, the bands like tumor, the unknown, tages and d-pressive delivered the tracks that were really interesting and remarkable. while the most of the songs could be refered to as ebm with lyrics focused on death and war, tumor definitely stands out with its diverse and hard-hitting power noise (i was pleasantly surprised by it and picked up their great full-length "seelenfresser") track titled "unhuman war". blessed remix of "holy war" by the unknown is a powerful dark ebm track followed by "dark angel of the night" by seelenkrank. opening "dementia" by in strict confidence was butchered by funker vogt that clattered this clear and beautiful song. funker vogt is also presented with death-groove mix of "wartime" - a weak interpretation of this danceable track that sounded quite disordered and chaotic. tages with "menschenfischer", tyrophex 14 with death-machine mix of "death box" and nomenclatura with "fallacy" deliver more straightforward ebm to fill this skull-shaped disk. this is a nice label sampler for maschinenwelt and it might introduce you to the bands that you have not heard before.

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