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orphx and the infant cycle
hands   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 16-Mar-2004

this collaboration with canadian "the infant cycle" (aka jim dejong) begins with the display of what seems to be the most well-known side of orphx - heavily processed hypnotic beats - the raw organic power clashing with the modulated, distorted noise. this short album, consisting of four tracks, is said to be based on the sound sources produced by the shortwave radio; two opening compositions are followed by two remixes by each of the musicians. aptly titled "saturation" carves form and structure out of the grainy slabs of noise, "wrong speed" follows with what feels almost tribal - overpowering basslines with the underlying acoustic abrasiveness and cold echoing drones that are nearly ritual in their insistence.

next is the refined exercise in tension-building, a gradual build-up of suspense; twisting and shaping the atmosphere, that thinning sharp sliver of piercing tension that finally resolves in restrained cold percussion and modulated analog noise. closing remix by orphx is more transparent, at times almost disappearing out of sight, as opposed to the dominating nature of previous tracks. slowly grating ambience becomes almost lyrical towards the end, gradually fading out.

compared to "circuitbreaking" vinyl, this is decidedly "uncommercial" listening - long seemingly unstructured pieces; conceptual in their nature and therefore self-contained and complete. prescribed for those that appreciate genuine industrial meditation.

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