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machine drum
half the battle
merck   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Oct-2003

this remix album is probably my favorite work from machine drum. it manages to distill the essence of his sound and present it in the most varied and engaging form. I have to confess, that although I do enjoy most of the material he put out under this moniker (there is also syndrone and tstewart), compared to this remix album, the originals lack in terms of sheer drive and instant appeal. on the other hand, remix albums are usually perceived as more of a collection of separate hits, as opposed to a cohesive album.

general speculations aside, this is the album best suited for night walks through the quieter areas of downtown (as I found out), transforming and subverting the "urban" music, it does the same with the surroundings, bringing out the unexpected angles, refining and contrasting. start out with my absolute favorite - xela mix of "are I" - murky, deep cut-up rhythms, gently crackling noises (or is it the broken glass underneath my boots?) and irresistibly catchy broken vocals; it has xela's trademark refinement and sensitivity combined with the (presented ever-so-subtly) energy of hip-hop.

secede (do not miss their full-length on m3rck) toys with plaid-like energetic melodies and analog rhythms, adding a childishly playful acoustic touch (a good match for ilkae's remix). proem roughens things up a bit without losing original energy of "thanks very much" (stuttering edgy noises and general coldness). brothomstates pumps out trademark slick sound, very much in the glossy warp-like fashion, but the combination of bass-heavy fullness and meticulous sound construction makes it irresistible.

but of course there is more - proswell, esem (quirky, spacey, poppy), syndrone, tim koch - and the list goes on. this is an essential album for anyone interested in intelligent blend of jagged dancy rhythms and complex melodic electronica.

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