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shitkatapult   2003
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 23-Sep-2003

after a couple of albums that were no more than "quality" and "memorable" apparat released something that I could easily call "truly outstanding," a release that I keep coming back to for weeks and weeks. finally it all came together - not only the meaty basslines and heavy breaks, not only the (recognizably apparat) splintery intricate sound, not just the tension and energy, but a thin layer, a glaze of something else - some delicate melancholy, some infusion of more "universal" sound, a touch of poppiness as well as all those coarse, unexpected, almost unpolished details, the ones that are hard to comprehend and explain, but the ones that create the magic, and that is all that matters in the end.

all of it was in the air - a touch of styrofoam's vocal tenderness, a certain shuffling murkiness that could be attributed to morr music artists, nervous refinement of early manual, acoustic found sounds of ontayso, rich melodic pop of ulrich schnauss - I recognize it all (almmost subconsciously), but apparat created something new, which is truly an achievement in such an overpopulated and incestuous genre. it is rich without being overly sugary, complex without being boring and pretentious, pensive without sinking into childish emotions. each track seems to develop on multiple directions, from underlying droning texture to carefully built percussion layers that interact with each other, fade in and out, and remain intriguing on so many levels.

the days pass, the music piles up, but I keep coming back to this album in search for genuine feelings and the sound that does not wear out.

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