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parametric   2003
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 16-Sep-2003

as the time goes by and the amount of music I take in increases, there are a lot of names that are left behind, until the time (or the mood) comes, and I re-listen and re-discover them. it is sort of childish game of hide-and-seek, an intentional creation of surprises for someone that is so easily amused. one can ponder on the nature of these discoveries, how they relate to the "modernity" of music (or any media for that matter), but to keep this somewhat focused, I will point out the "qfg" compilation from the french parametric label.

I recall a few years ago chatting with someone from france and hearing complaints about the poor state of the scene when it comes down to music that can be loosely described as post-industrial. today, faced with this mammoth 3-disk digipack that contains material from exclusively french musicians, I can only wonder what were the forces that created such an impressive assortment of talent in such a short time span (my ignorance is only a partial explanation).

of course one immediately recognizes the usual suspects (flint glass, oil10, mimetic, mlada fronta, celluloid mata, milligramme, mourmansk150), at the same time there are a few dozen of other musicians that deliver material that is equally impressive, becoming an exciting promise for the future of this "scene."

this compilation serves more of a representative purpose, asserting the fact that finally the ideas of rhythmic post-industrial music have penetrated the masses and, combined with the excellent technical execution and proper promotion, have set the stage for further advancement. I consider it a capstone for the genre, an overview of things accomplished that should be followed by something new. it might just be that recently released "anatomy" by milligramme could be the first step in that direction.

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