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solaris   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 3-May-2003

back to the excitement of the changing world of the early 1920s when everything seemed possible; put on that that scarf and aviation goggles, march through the streets of soviet russia (pay attention to the suprematist designs of the banners on the streets!) towards that egg-shaped space ship made out of riveted metal; the course is set to mars and this is the soundtrack.

it is a third vinyl release of the russian art lab solaris, following their incredible aelita boxset. these vinyl series, inspired by the romanticism of a. tolstoy's original novel and protazanov's movie, bring back to life the romantic sci-fi motifs that later on found their way to electronic music of the 70s.

omnipresence possesses delightful naiveté of analog melodies that carry that authentic darker touch very much reminiscent of jean michel jarre and vangelis, offset by fluid idm rhythms.

it been only a few months since I have heard zodiac's 1980 vinyl disco alliance for the first time, and on omnipresence janis lusens has one of the most addictive tracks, easily rivaling omfo's aelita and utopia. the rest of the album (being mostly g. popov's remarkable work) is equally impressive, carrying that fragile dreamy feel.

everything from the concept to the design and the music itself contributes to the overall aesthetics of this project, reviving the purity of forgotten feelings and re-interpreting them. I am so glad to see this much taste and refinement that instead of banal exploitation creates works of exceptional originality.

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