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merck   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 3-May-2003

oh the addiction, there is nothing, absolutely nothing I can do this time - I must speak out and spread the obsession. this vinyl (especially side a, to be exact) has been in non-stop rotation for over a week now. the energy of hip-hop devoid of glamour or tacky aggression - the ultimate music for the self-conscious geeky boys and girls to get their groove on (did I just use that term?!).

xela's my rap brings in the familiar low-fi humming and melodic tenderness (the full-length is a must. simple as that) mixed together with cut-up phonemes - this track is incredibly lyrical and energetic at the same time, a combination rarely achieved.

next is slightly cut-up version of machine drum's yo half the izey rael - dreamy deep melodies and a delicate acoustic touch; hip-hop flavor is in the air, but is barely detectable.

vae closes side a with almost poppy in its exotica attraction, but incredibly addictive track; and before long you are nodding in tune with the rhythm.

side b is not nearly as addictive, almost a bit too "generic" compared to the remarkable uniqueness of the first three tracks.

for a while now I have been trying to hunt down worthy combinations of hip-hop and idm styles that would retain intricacy of the latter and energy of the former, without all the parasitic developments that came as a result of wide-spread popularity. m3rck once again displays their good taste, picking the best the genre can offer.

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