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zombie commandos from hell!
boneyard press   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 26-Feb-2003

only recently coming in contact with the remnants of american comic culture, I feel a little unqualified to talk about this release, since it is a soundtrack for the zombie commandos from hell! comic series created by steph dumas (raisinlove). the world of comics has always carried a lurid aura for me, and I was curious to see how the tracks on the compilation would deal with this perception, considering an added dimension as they are viewed from a perspective of a soundtrack to a particular work.

as it turned out, there is plenty of emotional range to indulge in - from ebm/industrial of headscan (actually pretty catchy with its slight abrasiveness and late 90s feel (I always wanted to use that!)); from straightforward technoid club floor tracks by implant and negative format (almost too straightforward in this case), to more disjointed rhythmic textures of mimetic data (as intense as usual) and cage decay.

a change of pace are slowly developing industrial rhythms by mlada fronta (steady compressed percussion and distant echoing strings forming their usual technoid soundscapes) and layered ambience developing into brutal tribal-influenced rhythms of empusae and flint glass.

now for my absolute favorites - tarmvred's track - tongue-in-cheek playfulness and violence; fascination with legowelt (previously noticed on "light and hectic place" track) is more obvious, resulting in an infectious hybrid that toys with fluid electro grooves and vocoded robotic vocals that flow into familiar intense percussion blasts. the combination might have been a bit cleaner and more seamless, but the trend is evident, and nothing is more exciting than seeing this unique and successful cross between disco-electro and rhythmic noise.

another highlight is miligramme's twisted take on abrasive drum&bass that is so reminiscent of ammo's debut - mass of shredded beats and otherworldly synthetic melodies with plenty of eerie digital artifacts.

even the tackiness of other tracks on the compilation works for the aforementioned lewdness factor.

needless to say, with plenty of reasons outlined above there is something for everyone on this compilation; if nothing else, the aforementioned highlights should be more than enough to spark anyone's interest.

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