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cadavres sonique
a-m-f records   2002

album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 23-Feb-2003

Cadavres Sonique is the sonic interpretation of the mindset of its founders (Louis Fleischauer/Aesthetic Meat Foundation, Patricia Cram/Editor, Vial Magazine), one in which dreams, ritual, and the apocalypse of our present times (an apocalypse of hopelessness, of media corrosion and humanity subterfuge via apathy) are honed into three long tracks of immense power that traverse the landscape of the earth, heaven and hell, plying the sampled debris of psychological decay, the corrupt residue of our disintegrating modern times. Their method is nothing less than ingenious, gathering deconstructed samples from over 30 contributors (including The Haters, Instincts, MZ.412, R/A/A/N, Toroidh...), and reconstructing them into miasmal whirlpools of torrential grime, caustic congestion on the highway to revelation. The three tracks unravel like dreams, but with a more ominous sense of unease, melding unique textures in a gurgling ambience fraught with discomfort, flowing through cranial dungeons, in which voices echo and sounds swim in pools of blood and agony.

Track one, "Algor Mortis," opens with the churning bowels of the earth laid bare, rumbling and tearing and haphazardly stitched together with sickened tones and samples that sound confused as much as anything else. The disorientation moves through many stages, never one to simply drone or murmur for long, looped and shifting at every turn. Hesitant nuances of a spiritual origin hover towards the end of the track, but it's never a spirituality of comfort, more of uncertainty. Halfway through track two, "Livor Mortis," spirits howl at the disregard of modern times, ache and moan as a lamentation to the dreadful inevitability of existence with no passion. It's horrific and compelling at the same time. Track three, "Rigor Mortis," the longest track at 24 minutes, includes amidst the torrential sonic onslaught, a multitude of manipulated voices drowning in pools of convolution within the arterial flow dynamics of the sounds, and, finally, devoured by the throaty demonic vocalization and the scrape and growl tenacity of the loop at the end of the track as it swallows...everything! I am reminded a bit of Schloss Tegal's Black Static Transmission release, though the collage construction is even more psychotic here (more contributors = more diversity; sense is molded into shape, as opposed to the ST honed focus. Both discs, though similar, work for different reasons).

Cadavres Sonique serves as a warning, inviting the listener to understand on a deeper level, the worth of Self without the influence of the preponderance of inanities exhibited by the world we all exist in. It seems that the point of this disc is to enlighten via sound, and intrigue via words (both the "Manifesto Sonique" within the foldout - "We are the descendents of oblivion" - as well as the accompanying Vial magazine, a more than intriguing collection of dark philosophy, some poetically inclined, others, slipshod random, just like the dreams they recall) and art (the charred, patchwork artwork, bruised bones and gothic inclinations in beauteous disarray). The warning inspired by the audio dream apocalypse suggests one deny the ritual of the dread existence for the sake of consumerism and cliché, and embrace the ritual of living (LIVING!) beyond the norm, evolving beyond the need and into the realm of flesh and soul: It's time to feel again! Cadavres Sonique is amazing work, highly recommended!

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