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the magick of female ejaculation
zhark   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 23-Feb-2003

rachael kozak, a founder of zhark recordings (london), releases her first full-length on the label after years of recording under different monikers and playing live. back in the early days of the genre I have been weary of its junk punk aesthetics, nowadays, as the production quality of the releases increased, and as my tastes have gradually widened, I come to enjoy best examples of this perspective on breakcore - intensely physical, intentionally overloaded basslines.

hecate's take on the subject brings in a unique female perspective that results in a barrage of dirty dirty beats and textures, overlaid with dark sensual synths and waves of abrasive industrial noises. the album is filled with heavy, distorted breaks and displays a fine balance between production quality and overall roughness. dark, raw, and direct - this is the best representation of emotionally-fueled intensity that leaves behind shallow bounciness of gabber or glossy overproduction of drum & bass.

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