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on 002
on records   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 23-Feb-2003

just like with on 001, this installment of the series seems to favor artists with the trademark "dub records sound" - autophonic and quench on this release and e.o.g before that (perhaps common dutch origins is the explanation). opening crackling, shuffling, spacey goodness that is adam johnson's "boungy" fits right in with the names mentioned above (previously i have encountered him on wonderful mas confusion (studio !K7) and expertise (prospect) compilations; watch out for his upcoming release on carpark) - it is a "standard" idm track, but its melancholy (atonal, lingering forlorn melody and echoing spaces) and heaviness with overall simplicity and calmness) put it up there with my favorite artists on dub records.

mr. projectile's "dextroamphetamine" is excellent stylistically and technically (atonal progressions and meticulously contsructed swirling mass of beats), but lacks some sort of distinct touch - it is too distant in its perfection. autophonic, on the other hand, pleasantly surprised with an unexpected groove - squished funky noises and various noodling on top of punchy aggressive beats. of course, "clan" by quench is remarkable - the scale and proportions that i come to love in their material is here - slow procession of heavy distorted breaks; compressed, rolling waves of multilayered percussion; unfolding multiple themes and the overall feeling of space and depth, much in the same vein as excellent "bourbon sounds" by funckarma on delikatessen.

somewhat similar to delikatessen mentioned above, on records releases material of established artists. although a part of me is stuck in the romantic crusade for the sake of new and different, i cannot resist the quality of these releases. in small doses they present "best of" material, a task much needed in the current state of overproduction plaguing idm scene.

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