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vector-lovers   2003
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 23-Feb-2003

formerly known as balloon, vector-lovers presents its first release on this self-titled album proves to be an irresistible experience, something that I keep coming back to over past few weeks in search of that nostalgic purity of emotions and simplicity.

carefully weighted dream-like quality of these tracks, their slow pace and overall forlorn delicacy remind me of a magritte-like scene in hayao miyazaki's spirited away (half-empty train, filled with shadows, speeding through endless waters) - the album would be a perfect soundtrack - sentimental synths and tiny echoing keys - wide-open eyes of a child lost in an unknown world; traces of processed vocals ("girl+robot" and "neon sky rain") add even more human touch to the overall gentle melancholy.

vector-lovers contrasts old-fashioned half-forgotten purity of romanticism with the high-tech touch, which is obvious from (very fitting) track titles as well as the sound itself. sounds this simple, this gripping, could only appear in the world not tied to particular genres; with ever-present subtlety and taste vector-lovers escapes the usual temptations and shortcomings, reaching out to the emotional core of the music.

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