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· "information wants to be free" festival (berlin, december 2003)
"information wants to be free - a festival for spoken word, video-art, performances and experimental electronic music" took place in three cities (london, stockholm, and berlin) over the weekend of december 5-7 2003.
· "plug and play parties" - st. petersburg (december '02)

this installment of "plug and play parties" series, organized by cheburec took place in a hotel 40km outside of St. Petersburg (Russia). the concept of this event was quite intriguing - about 30 musicians gathered in an isolated retreat outside of the city (those of you that remember cheburec's "out to city" compilations will appreciate the irony) for the celebration of "listening" electronic music.

· maschinenfest '02
maschinenfest '02 was my first maschinenfest experience after missing out on the previous festivals for the past three years.
· legowelt, orgue electronique, tlr, schmerzlabor - cleveland (sep. 2002)
· múm, kippi kaninus - columbus (jul. 2002)
finally, múm got around to play in the states, and although their popularity here is not even close to the European/Icelandic levels, they did manage to gather quite a crowd, especially considering slow summer time for shows like that.
· providence noise festival (may. 2002)
one would not immediately recognize providence, RI as a happening place for the noise scene, although one would get at least curious, when noticing regularly impressive dj sets by peter lee (the person behind force of nature radio show and label). I have to admit that I did not do my share of research prior to the concert, thus some names were a complete surprise to me. for the most part, however, those turned out to be pleasant discoveries.
· dubok/flesh field/a23 - columbus (apr. 2002)
initially I was not sure what kind of turn out to expect from this show, I have not seen much advertising for it, but as it turned out, sheer word of mouth and popularity of the bands brought in a few hundred people - enough to fill up the venue. it seemed that a lot came from out of town, which is not surprising, considering the usual "a prophet has no honor in his own land" statement.
· ultra milkmaids, v., cornucopia - cincinnati (mar. 2002)
this show in cincinnati was one of those events that draws in all kinds of people: you get idm heads, industrial fans and post-rock indie kids. it seems to be the case here, although the "crowd" barely amounted to 15 locals.
· mira calix/nobukazu takemura/plaid - cleveland (mar. 2002)
I have missed a few chances to see plaid last year, and finally there was an opportunity to catch them in cleveland this march. I have been frequenting smaller shows for past year, so seeing a huge tour bus parked in front of the venue, overpriced disks and t-shirts was a definitely a sign of a bigger fish.
· tarmvred/law-rah collective/v.o.s/wilt - chicago (feb. 2002)

this account of chicago date of tarmvred/law-rah collective tour might not have the required journalistic completeness, since we managed to miss both wilt and v.o.s performances (one of the main reasons while we picked chicago's date as opposed to others to begin with), however only now tarmvred seems to get recognition for his latest "subfusc" album (that many included in their top 10 for 2001), and I strongly feel that this project still needs a lot more publicity (hopefully countless upcoming interviews in many publications would definitely be of great help).

· darkside 9 with venetian snares, xanopticon in columbus, oh
· juno reactor/medicine drum [pittsburgh, june 30]
I did not know what to expect from juno reactor - I did see a few photographs from their concerts showing painted tribal drummers in their whole war paint splendor, suggesting a peculiar stage performance. on the other hand, the event apparently was marketed as a rave, and I did not know what to expect from the rave crowd either. I knew even less about supporting acts.
· winterälte/ah cama-sotz at the vogue (seattle, wa) on july 5th
· autechre w/ russel haswell, rob hall [columbus, oh]
· icon of coil/and one/covenant in NY
this show was a nice addition to silk saw/vromb/orphx concert that initially got me out to NY.
· datathief in columbus, oh [mar. 10 2001]
idm outfit datathief was the main reason I attended this weekly installment of "flight" series organized by ele-mental crew.
· ammo in pittsburgh
"seven" crew has attended ammo show in pittsburgh; below is not your ordinary concert review, but more of a free-flowing recollection of the evening.
· Hands2000 in Toronto
"Hands 2000" festival took place at the Big Bop club in Toronto, Canada with a very impressive line-up of some of the finest, if not the strongest, acts representing power electronics/dark ambient/experimental genres today.
· noisex/tunnel/hypnoskull show at odd's (washington dc)
· dubok, chews eye shop, flesh field, assemblage23 show in cleveland
· ant-zen show with synapscape, imminent, converter, noizguild vs. ntt, savak
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