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maschinenfest '02
posted on 1-Dec-2002 by alan
maschinenfest '02 was my first maschinenfest experience after missing out on the previous festivals for the past three years.

I am very fortunate to have gathered up some funds and time to finally witness one of the best festival situations that brought together so many musicians that I have admired over the past years. I finally met many of the labels, organizers, and friends that I've known only via the net. I was extremely impressed by the diversified line-up of performers that was chosen and presented over a three day period at this year's event in aachen, germany. I can easily say after witnessing so many concerts in the past years in the states, that this event in general presented many of the musicians in the best possible lighting and sound situations they could ever have obtained. maschinenfest held some of the best professional situations i have ever encountered for these directions of music and approached it with full dedication to the fans, ensuring that they all got something from the event. for me personally, this was an opportunity of a lifetime to witness so many of my favorite musicians in a stellar stage environment for once, an opportunity to meet and talk to so many musicians and label managers that i have supported and known throughout the years, a chance to purchase all those rare and brand new goodies from the many great labels that helped make this event actually happen, and last it was a motivation for me to finally make a trip to germany for the first time in my life.

: day 0 :

as many already know, day 0 was a small pre-party gathering of many locals, djs, organizers, artists, and fans alike that got a chance to hang out, meet, enjoy music and prepare for what awesome things where about to happen within the next three days of festivities in the bunker. I was very impressed by the set lists that consisted of all familiar rhythmic noise, dark ambient, and other new experimental forms of electronic music provided by the djs (such as p.a.l, for one). i enjoyed meeting a few musicians and organizers from the states, as well as chatting with a few artists and labels managers for the very first time. this night was almost a dream night as to what i would love to have as a regular club night. the evening contained all the elements that i have so eagerly wanted in a club: an excellent sound system, enthusiastic crowd, excellent new and older material from such great labels as ant-zen, hymen, hands, spectre, pflichtkauf, ad noiseam just to mention a few. although there was only a fraction (approximately 100 people) of the overall maschinenfest audience at this free club night, it was a nice ice-breaker for what was to come within the next three days.

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