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"mulholland dr." (2001) - david lynch
posted on 4-Mar-2002 by anton

having seen it twice, I can say that this film is definitely something not to miss. a nice story where a real-life puzzle is mixed with eerie symbolic elements, excellent cinematography - at times grainy and creepy, lush and violent; camera, lingering on setups that have almost photographical exquisite look, long close-ups of peoples' faces. the incredible atmosphere - eerie and sardonic, seductive, stylized - all of that is definitely lynch, one of the most underrated and yet one of the most popular independent filmmakers.

the story develops in several lines, almost independently of each other, leaving little clues and traces all over the place. towards the end of the film, the spiral tightens and unwinds back, revealing in fast succession the whole story, quickly linking all the facts together. it is almost as exciting to fit in the remaining pieces yourself once the movie is over, realizing how perfectly they fit. I have to say it is either me getting older, or it really is one of the most "accessible" works from david lynch. I refused to read any criticism before watching it, and thankfully the trailer does not give away anything.

I found myself using the word "strange" numerous times describing this movie. starting with the acting that is not real "until it gets real" - a number of scenes at first strike you with strange impassive responses or overacted emotional outbursts. some of the scenes were incredibly sensual, incredibly moving, especially consider how unusual they were (the actress tryout, the night at the club).

worth watching? of course. style, story, visuals - everything comes together, resulting in a very impressive picture.

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