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editorial [grinding into emptiness merger]
posted on 2-Jun-2001 by anton

as you might already know, Grinding into Emptiness has ceased to exist for various reasons. ben didier, who was responsible for GiE for past year, has contacted me and offered to join "seven." he brought a few writers with him that were contributing to GiE on regular basis.

Grinding into Emptiness has been around for a long time and accumulated a vast archive. we would hate to see all that go to waste. over the course of next few months we will be working on merging "best of" GiE archive into "seven." this should result in a comprehensive searchable archive covering a lot of genres and material.

at this point only ben and jc smith have officially joined "seven." if you have been contributing to GiE at some point, and would like to contribute to "seven" - please contact me or ben.

you already might have noticed quite a few reviews by ben and jc smith carried over. some of them overlap with our current reviews, presenting second opinions, some of them cover the material that have been submitted to "seven" but have not been reviewed yet, and some of them are brand new.

I am excited about this change, and I believe that our joint expertise, years of experience, connections with musicians and labels, and passion for music will allow "seven" to make a next step as an electronic music resource.

please contact me if you have any questions about the merger, demo submissions or review submissions.

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