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Description of a Man's Wallet
posted on 6-Apr-2000 by mr. stein
The man's wallet is leather. It is worn on the edges from rubbing, though the flat surfaces still shine glossy in the light. The shape is molded and rounded from being sat upon. The stitching is not only chafed, but often frayed, and it sprouts string at each corner. On the bulkier side of the wallet the leather resembles skin once again; it is cracked and porous, dull and soft.

The wallet flips open easily; the heavy contents let the simple leather hinge swing swiftly, and the wallet sounds with a slap upon the ready palm. The leather insides of the wallet are darker, so much darker that the color is a shock. Inside less fraying is expected, less unchecked strands of string are imagined; but inside there is more. The seams of the leather wallet have started to peel apart, and a few spots are torn. As if one couldn't tell, there is an imprint in English of the words "Genuine Leather."

Besides having a length-wise split-opening to hold cash, the wallet has 3 pockets and one flap, all made of leather. Two of the pockets are parallel; one is perpendicular and lies beneath the two parallel pockets.

The parallel pockets contain cards. The first card is a credit card; it is plastic and worn and sits loosely in the first pocket. The credit card is scratched, and still bears the owners name although the ink has rubbed away. The second parallel pocket holds two cards; they are both made of paper. The first of these two cards is old, and has probably been washed once or twice. It has rounded corners and bumped-in edges. This card has holes punched in it, and there are still some marks left to be punched; there are more holes punched in the card than there are marks left to be punched. The marks remaining are for future purchases of coffee--a typical American promotional. The second of these cards is also punched, although this card has far more marks left to be punched than holes. This card is labeled as property of the city transportation department. It gives the impression of being newer than the other card although there is no precise or obvious reason why.

The perpendicular pocket beneath contains a coupon, a book of stamps, and a photograph. The coupon is for a discount on a pizza. The stamps are uncanceled, and there are many missing. The photograph is old, and there are amber spots where the photo has gotten wet. The photograph is molded into the shape of the wallet, and a corner is torn off. The image of the photograph is that of a woman. She is beautiful to look upon and automatically stirs up desire.

The wallet's flap holds another pocket. This pocket hold a plastic card and a folded piece of paper. The plastic card is a piece of official identification bearing the name of the wallet's owner and a photograph of him. The photograph is of poor quality and the owner looks surprised in the photo. Yet there is also in the owner's face a pale stir of sadness; the lines on the owners face suggest youth, but also internal pressure, like the cracks on the surface of a cake. His eyes appear brown, and the identification card confirms this observation. In the photograph the owner looks shorter than his identification card states. The folded piece of paper, which lies behind the wallet, has sharply pressed corners and looks new when unfolded. On this paper are a few indecipherable lines of text. They appear to be a part of a poem, though they are not recognizable.

Hidden in this pocket is a key. It is probably the key to a door on a building: a house or an apartment perhaps. The key is brass and dull. It is heavy, and it drops without a sound back into its dark pocket. The key is a mystery which can not or will not be solved now.

The main split in the wallet which is for holding cash holds none. In fact, it is completely empty. There is no evidence to suggest that it has been empty for a long time, yet nor is there evidence to suggest that it recently held money. The wallet flips close easily; the heavy contents help the simple leather hinge swing swiftly, and the wallet sounds with a slap upon itself.

After this review the wallet is dropped discreetly upon the city street and ignored.

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