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"trauma2003" - annotated playlist
posted on 22-Nov-2003 by anton
it became a tradition, an end of the year showcase by "seven" dj team, where we play a carefully chosen mix of the best and the latest material, as well as some obscure "classics".

we provide the music for over a thousand people in the biggest night club in the city. there are multiple rooms with djs, performers, merhandise booths, art shows, live bands, body art/modification, costume contests. we run the lights, the fog (and lots of it!), and play standalone sets as well as music for some performances.

while we would never succeed as djs for the "regular" club night (sheer apathy of people that after a few drinks only want to hear the same material over and over again, which leads to our favorites being "worn out" by overplaying them, plus the need to compromise in order to "keep" the floor, plus the fact that this music needs an adequate soundsystem to sound "right"), it is a whole different story playing for the special "events". they do call for a bit of compromise, but only in terms of "thematic" consistency. we agree to play music suited to the occasion, carefully chosen (we spent a few days working together, and a few days before that gathering material). there needs to be a room for dancing, a room for moody atmosphere, but above all, a sensibility for the (tasteful) extreme, an intense sensory overload - be it the sleaziness of electro, or the harshness of rhythmic noise, or the constrasts between the two. this is the underlying feel of the whole night, and we do our best to match it.

what follows is (slightly) annotated playlist; the whole experience is very personal - the most appealing for us is the chance to properly hear the music we like, hence the nature of the comments. of course, a lot of material below has been reviewed on "seven" at some point.

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